Kush Expo – Anaheim, Orange County July 8-10, 2011 – L.A.’s Best Medical Marijuana Show

The dates for Anaheim Kush Expo 2011 are now set, and this year’s Kush Expo is sure to be the best extravaganza yet.

Kush expo 2011 should be a big success if Kush Expo 2010 in Anaheim was any indication.  Attendees were awash in soothing, medical marijuana expo vibes the whole weekend long. The dates for Anaheim Kush Expo 2011 are now set, and this year’s Kush Expo is sure to be the best extravaganza yet.

The Kush Expo Anaheim will be rocking all weekend long on July 8, July 9, and July 10.

Kush expo will be hosted by the hilarious 420 comic. If you haven’t seen the guy’s act, you’ll be in for a good laugh – whether you’re high or not! In addition, there will be a ton of growers and vendors displaying their wares, and several music acts as well.  Los Marijuanos is confirmed on the bill. 

And don’t forget the weekend’s highlight: The “Cute Kush Girl” contest! First place will win $500 and a gravity vortex.  Not too shabby.

The convention is sure to have great music (like a Pink Floyd Tribute) and vendors, doctors, lawyers, and more  – all dedicated to enhancing your medical marijuana experience!

The official Kush Expo site contains load of great event details, photos, and sign up info. Tickets to the event are $20, but only $18 if you decide to purchase online. That’s quite a bargain for the chance to possibly sample some of the finest medical marijuana in the state of California. This is a fantastic medical marijuana convention going opportunity!

Kush expo’s claim to faim – its “wow” factor if you will – is its ability to let attendees smoke on site.  The OC Weekly explains how easy it is to smoke weed on site at Kush Expo Anaheim.

Also check out the Anaheim Kush Expo Site for more information.

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